Alcoholic Beverages


We can offer private label or Rainforest brand Liquor.  All Liquor is 80 proofs, Packing 12 bottles per case, 55 cases per pallet, 10 pallets per 20 ft. container, 550 cases per 20 ft. container.

55 cases per pallet, 18 pallets per 40 ft. container, 990 cases per 40 ft. container

Min Order: 1 no of  20 or 40 ft. container, products can mixed or matched to a complete a container

Products: 750ml bottle pricing:1 liter bottle pricing ( Approx.): ( Subject to confirmation)

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Product Price
Rum Silver (Caribbean) $44.00 per case
Rum Gold (Caribbean) $44.00 per case
Rum Spiced (Caribbean) $48.00 per case
Vodka (USA) $43.00 per case
Gin (USA) $42.00 per case
Tequila Silver (Mexico) $54.00 per case
Tequila Gold (Mexico) $54.00 per case
Blended Whiskey (USA) $46.00 per case
Bourbon (Kentucky, USA) $54.00 per case
Scotch Whiskey (Scotland) $66.00 per case
Brandy (USA) $56.00 per case
Flavored Brandies (USA) $56.00 per case

All pricing: FOB EX plant. Shipping Port: East Cost, USA. Payment Term: Cash ( Negotiable)

All pricing subject to change without notice and subject to final pricing approval.