Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

XIMUSA is a business to business global trading company based in Maryland State, USA.
WE source, buy, market and sell products for and on behalf of firms engaged in Export and Import business.
We are an international company serving wholesale and bulk buying and selling customers.
We have representative offices in China, India, Vietnam, Malaysia, UAE, Ghana and Brazil.
We procure products from producers, manufacturers, and growers directly and sell them.
We specialize in agricultural, farming and consumer products; however, we also offer industrial, construction, green energy lighting products and more.
Products can be shipped by ocean, land and air depending on the product and quantity needed.
Yes, in some cases buyers have to pay for them.
All products meet international standards, checked for quality by renowned third party agencies like SGS and certified before they are shipped to their destination.
Yes, after finalizing the purchasing agreement before shipment and fund their travel.
We accept irrevocable documentary letter of credit, transferable and confirmed, with some exceptions on a case by case basis
Yes, to buyers of products from USA.
Typically thirty days (30), but can be more on a case by case basis.
Products are shipped from port of origin to port of destination.  Buyers need to arrange for pickup of the merchandise from the port of destination and pay all the relevant taxes and complete the paperwork.
Shipment terms typically are FOB, CIF and C&F with some exceptions.
Payment is based on shipping terms agreed to in the purchasing agreement.
We source and buy directly from the producers, manufacturers and resell the merchandise to the end buyers.  We include our services charges in the reselling cost.  When we refer the buyer to a direct seller our fees is anywhere from 3% to 6% of the monthly invoice value with some exceptions.
Yes.  This is a standard practice in our business operations and we would like to stick to it.