For Exporters

At Ximusa we not only provide export and import consulting services to our business customers but support them throughout the process of export and import of products.  Some of our services include:

  • Export readiness of your company
  • Export readiness assessment and evaluation of your product
  • Identify the trade channels in global markets for your product
  • Develop strategy to enter targeted markets including, market potential, risk assessment, distribution channels, pricing, volumes, advertising etc.
  • Extend support and guidance in negotiations with overseas importers/buyers
  • Represent and protect your company’s business interests in product and service level agreements
  • Provide high powered consulting services for aviation, highways, tourism, power generation construction projects just to name a few.  Our core competencies include,   project design, planning, and execution starting from viability to profitability stage.

We help and serve all types of businesses small and medium in selling goods and services to foreign markets.  Our knowledge and experience in trading business enables us, to help our customers overcome the fear of lack of knowledge about global trade, regulations, cultural differences, different languages and foreign exchange situations.  In certain situations, when a company is apprehensive of trading in foreign markets for whatever reasons, we are ready to take title of products and conduct export process ourselves.

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